Blending Past and Present in Captivating Photographs


Mark Hersch, a passionate photographer since childhood, cultivated his love for capturing people, places, and history from a young age. Beginning with a Kodak Instamatic camera at 10, he explored diverse subjects, spanning from nature to inanimate objects. His fascination with history grew as he visited sites from the Revolutionary and Civil War eras, both during his upbringing in Boston and later in Virginia.

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After a career in marketing and advertising, Hersch, at the age of 60, embraced digital photography. He mastered tools such as Photoshop and invested in professional equipment like a NIKON D850. Through rephotography, he developed a fascination for blending historical photos with his own contemporary shots, aiming to create a compelling juxtaposition of past and present.

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His project, “Time After Time,” involved sourcing high-resolution historical images and replicating their angles and settings in modern times. His meticulous efforts, combining science and art, resulted in an impressive collection of over 500 images spanning U.S. cities and international locations such as London and Havana.

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Hersch’s work was praised at art festivals and resulted in the publication of books, the establishment of an art gallery, and commissions for custom pieces, including a series for George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. His exploration of pictorial maps and digital day-to-night conversions expanded his creative horizons. Hersch’s commitment to capturing and juxtaposing historical and contemporary visuals has earned him a remarkable second career as a fine art photographer.

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Boston Quincy Market 63cdf1316f9d9 880
Boston Subway Entrance At Boston Common 63cdf13bcf8ab 880
Chicago Arriving From The Suburbs 63cdf142eb619 880
Chicago Dearborn Street Bridge 63cdf1492cccd 880
Chicago Graham Morton Line Docks 63cdf15ed63c3 880
Chicago Randolph Street East From Dearborn 63cdf161e65e3 880
Chicago Wrigley Field 63cdf17932a8a 880
Fire Chicago Fire 63cdf190ca894 880
I Transformed Over 500 Historical Photographs Into Modern Works Of Art 63cea3792e097 880
I Transformed Over 500 Historical Photographs Into Modern Works Of Art 63cea354348b1 880
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Markherschphotography 319879814 474478638171767 7733861009625477473 N
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Markherschphotography 321091716 698233265139366 1273839055871379652 N
Markherschphotography 321351547 203913952103804 8612372282523878005 N
New Orleans Canal Street 63cdf1b04aad3 880
New York Brooklyn Bridge 63cdf1b6dbad8 880

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