Dick Smith’s Monster Make-Up Book: A Timeless Resource for Aspiring Artists


In the preface to his book, Dick Smith shares his passion for creating monster make-ups and his desire to inspire young people to explore this art form. Originally written in 1965 as a way to showcase simple monster make-ups for teens, the book has since become a timeless resource for makeup enthusiasts. As a professional makeup artist for over forty years, Dick Smith still vividly recalls the excitement of transforming himself into monsters during his youth.

The book features a progression of make-up techniques, starting with basic designs and advancing to more complex creations. Each make-up is meticulously explained and illustrated, showcasing Smith’s innovative monsters that he specifically invented for the book. By providing a wide range of methods and materials, the book aims to equip aspiring artists with the knowledge needed to unleash their creativity and develop their own unique make-up designs.

While monsters are the main focus of the examples, Smith emphasizes that the techniques can be applied to character make-ups as well, offering versatility for a variety of creative endeavors. In this revised edition, Smith updates the text to reflect the latest materials and techniques, ensuring that readers have access to the most current information in the field. With a hope to introduce more individuals to the transformative power of make-up, Smith’s book continues to serve as a valuable guide for budding artists seeking to explore the magic of special effects.

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