From Tennis to Tarmac: Steffi Graf’s Unforgettable Opel Ads From the 80s


In the 1980s, Steffi Graf, the German tennis sensation, was idolized by young boys. When an Opel Corsa named after her was released, it felt like the perfect triumph after an exciting tennis match. Graf dominated the tennis court with her powerful forehand strokes and impressive serve. Additionally, her stunning appearance, characterized by her blonde hair and distinctive German features, added to her allure.




Being a brand ambassador for Opel, it strategically capitalized on her fame by launching a special edition model – the Opel Corsa Steffi Special. Expect more tennis-themed humor to appear in this piece.


When the press advertisement showcased Graf lounging on the car’s bonnet or laying in front of it, the cheeky question on the lips of many German men was “Kommt sie mit dem Auto?” (Is she coming with the car?). The ad made the point, “If you ask Steffi, good equipment is sometimes half the victory”, followed by a list of specifications that were impressive, even for that era.


The Steffi Special was anything but ordinary, with Steffi side stripes, a tailgate signature, and exceptionally unique seat covers. While they might have been a perfect fit for a Steffi Graf branded duvet and pillow set, they were quite an unusual sight in an Opel Corsa. On a positive note, the car included a Steffi Graf backpack and umbrella.


The car originally came in a sporty white hue. However, later models were offered in either red or black with an optional electric folding roof.


Opel ended its partnership with Graf in 1995 over tax evasion allegations, making it highly unlikely to ever see a Grandland X Steffi Special.


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