Thanks to AI: Historical Figures Taking Selfies with Modern Mobile Phones

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Have you ever pondered how renowned figures from history would use present-day mobile devices? Could they have developed a keenness for taking selfies? Jyo John Mulloor, a graphic designer, delved into this intriguing notion by amalgamating AI and Photoshop to fashion a captivating collection of depictions that showcase celebrated personalities taking selfies.

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Neil Armstrong
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Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong, and William Shakespeare have been depicted in a modern context, providing a view of what they could have looked like if they had taken a selfie during their respective times. See below for some of Jyo’s most captivating illustrations and experience history from an entirely new perspective.

William Shakespeare
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Jyo discovered a collection of selfies sent by friends from their past while perusing an old hard drive. They diligently restored each image using Photoshop, reliving fond memories and reigniting previous friendships.

Jesus And His 12 Apostles
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Albert Einstein
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Genghis Khan
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Charlie Chaplin
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Elvis Presley
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Bob Marley
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Mother Teresa
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Marilyn Monroe
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Julius Caesar
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King Arthur
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Robin Hood
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Abraham Lincoln
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Nikola Tesla
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Mahatma Gandhi
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Dana Wynter
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Nelson Mandela
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Winston Churchill
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Alexander The Great
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John F. Kennedy
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