Thrilling Slow Motion Footage of the 2024 Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys embarked on an exciting journey to the picturesque town of Brockworth in Gloucester, England. Their mission? To document the exhilarating spectacle that is the 2024 Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake. This unique event, steeped in tradition and adrenaline, involves a hefty 7-pound wheel of cheese hurtling down a treacherously steep hillside. The participants, a fearless bunch of thrill-seekers, fling themselves down the slope in hot pursuit of the elusive cheese, with only one goal in mind – to be the first to catch it.

With their trusty Freely Ember S5K camera in hand, Free and Gruchy set out to capture every heart-stopping moment of the event in their signature slow-motion style. Filming at an astonishing 800 frames per second, they were able to freeze time and immortalize the chaotic yet oddly graceful rolls of the competitors as they tumbled down the hill. The resulting footage was a mesmerizing display of human determination and sheer madness, set against the backdrop of the idyllic English countryside.

As the cheese tumbled and the participants barrelled down the hill, Free and Gruchy’s camera work revealed a side of the event that few had ever seen before. The meticulous attention to detail, the painstaking precision of the slow-motion shots, allowed viewers to appreciate the raw intensity and sheer audacity of the participants in a way that normal speed footage could never capture.

In the end, the 2024 Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake was not just a mere event captured on film by The Slow Mo Guys. It was a testament to the human spirit, to the unyielding desire for adventure and the willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible. And thanks to the magical lens of slow motion, Free and Gruchy were able to immortalize this unique celebration of life and cheese for the world to see and marvel at.

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