Ford Comuta: Pioneering Electric Vehicle Prototype from 1967


The Ford Comuta, a groundbreaking electric vehicle prototype, was developed in 1967 at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre with a focus on the British market. This innovative design was ahead of its time, utilizing four 12-volt lead-acid batteries to power the vehicle. With a range of 60 kilometers and a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the Comuta showcased the potential of electric cars in urban environments. Despite its promising performance, only two Comutas were ever produced, with one now on display at the prestigious Science Museum in London, serving as a symbol of Ford’s early foray into electric vehicles.


1967 Ford Comuta 1

The Comuta’s introduction marked an important milestone in the history of electric cars, as it demonstrated the feasibility of compact, city-friendly EVs. Ford President Arjay Miller’s optimistic forecast that vehicles like the Comuta would be widely available within a decade highlighted the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. Although the anticipated mass production of electric cars did not materialize as quickly as predicted, the Comuta’s legacy endured through its influence on subsequent electric vehicle designs.

1967 Ford Comuta 2

One notable successor to the Comuta was the 1998 Ford Ranger EV, which represented Ford’s return to the electric vehicle market after a long hiatus. This model, inspired by the Comuta’s pioneering spirit, showcased the company’s ongoing dedication to advancing electric mobility. The Ranger EV’s arrival signaled a new era of electric vehicles from Ford, paving the way for the development of environmentally-friendly transportation options in the automotive industry.

1967 Ford Comuta 3

The impact of the Ford Comuta extended beyond its limited production run, inspiring future electric microcars like the popular 1974 Vanguard-Sebring Citicar. This compact EV became one of the best-selling electric cars of its time, setting the stage for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the modern era. The Comuta’s enduring influence can be seen in the success of contemporary electric cars, including the groundbreaking Tesla Model S, which revolutionized the perception of electric vehicles with its performance and range capabilities. Through its innovative design and forward-thinking vision, the Ford Comuta remains a symbol of progress in the development of electric vehicles, leaving a lasting legacy in the history of automotive innovation.

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