Using A.I. To Expand the Artistic Horizons of Anime to Incredible Depths

With the assistance of artificial intelligence technology, talented artist Joey Mayer produces breathtakingly mesmerizing psychedelic and horror art pieces inspired by the captivating…

Photographer Captured Liv Tyler In 1997 When She Was Only 20 Years Old

Liv Tyler: A 90s fashion icon who seamlessly transitioned from modeling to acting, captivating audiences with her talent and impeccable style.

“Double Hexposure”: Superb Double-Exposure Paintings by Wolf Blazar

Experience the emotional depth and expressive power of Wolf Blazar's digital art. Each piece tells a story that resonates with viewers on a…

Ford Comuta: Pioneering Electric Vehicle Prototype from 1967

The Ford Comuta, a pioneering electric vehicle prototype, showcased the potential of EVs in urban environments with its innovative design in 1967.

Colorful Vintage French Lottery Posters From Between the 1930s and 1950s

Discover the fascinating history of the French lottery, from its origins with King Francis I to its cultural impact through stunning posters in…
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Superb Tulle Sculptures Reflecting Beauty and Depth

Renowned British artist, Benjamin Shine, creates mesmerizing sculptures and installations from tulle, exploring themes of energy and impermanence.
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These Cute And Funny Animal Drawings Will Melt Your Heart

Uncover the magical fusion of art and pets in Alison Friend's whimsical illustrations, bringing joy and laughter to animal lovers worldwide. #animalart #petlovers…

AI Transforms Teletubbies Into A Dystopian Nightmare

Enter a nightmarish world where the beloved Teletubbies are transformed into harbingers of doom, their once cheerful antics now replaced by unsettling messages.

Powerful Abstract Pop Art Paintings by Gabriele Serrini

Discover how Gabriele Serrini's passion for art shines through in his creations, as he mentors and uplifts emerging artists in the creative community.
Temperance Poster Promoting The Prohibition Of Alcohol 1

Retro Posters Promoting the Prohibition of Alcohol in Canada

In the early 1900s, Alberta faced a prohibition on alcohol sales. Discover how a plebiscite in 1923 overturned the ban, leading to a…

Freaky Vintage Illustrations Of Japanese Anthropomorphic Frogs and Toads

Explore the fascinating world of "kimo-kawaii" through the lens of Tenjiku Tokubei, Jiraiya, and the intricate frog art by Matsumoto Hoji in Japanese…

Photographer Captures the Beauty of Canada’s Ice-Hut Communities

Experience the beauty and camaraderie of ice fishing communities in Lake Simcoe, Ontario, captured through stunning portraits by photographer Richard Johnson.

Provocative and Funny Vintage T-Shirt Slogans

Explore the nostalgic charm of iconic iron-on transfers from the 70s and 80s. Discover the rebellious spirit and cultural significance of these retro…

The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel, Woodcuts by François Desprez from 1565

Discover the fascinating woodcut collection, "The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel," by François Desprez. Dive into a world of whimsical characters and surreal imagination.

A Series of Ironic Illustrations of Pepe the Frog

Discover the fascinating rise and fall of Pepe the Frog, from beloved meme to controversial symbol, in this exploration of internet culture.