GoChess: The AI-Powered Chessboard That Takes Your Game to the Next Level

GoChess is an AI-powered chessboard that offers a backlit surface with color-coded move recommendations, autonomous pieces, and the option to play in person, against AI, or remotely with others online. Additionally, the chessboard’s magnets cause the king to fall in the event of a checkmate, adding a dramatic finish to the game.

AI and chess have had a lengthy history since 1996, when an AI program called Deep Blue defeated Grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a chess game. Now, GoChess is further intertwining this relationship. Similar to how self-driving AI revolutionized the car industry, GoChess combines AI and robotics into the chessboard, allowing you to play a regular game against a human or a robot-powered game against the GoChess AI or a remote human player. In the latter, the chessboard can move your opponent’s pieces independently, blurring the boundary between technology and sorcery.

The GoChess board maintains a traditional appearance, featuring a checkered 8×8 surface, and 32 minimalistic chess pieces in either black plastic or wood. Despite its classic design, the board is equipped with advanced technology. Magnetically-powered robots are concealed beneath the surface, moving pieces across the board as players engage in matches against AI or online opponents. The chessboard’s squares are backlit and illuminate when a piece is lifted, displaying all possible move combinations. The squares change color to indicate move effectiveness. During gameplay, the current player’s pieces glow green to signify their turn. The board’s most impressive feature is its ability to automatically arrange pieces at the beginning of a game, eliminating the need for players to do so manually.

GoChess is not just a board for playing, but also for training. It offers real-time coaching with insights and up to 32 difficulty levels to enhance your gameplay. The backlit squares help you visualize where different pieces can move on the board, while the AI guides you through popular strategies to understand the intricacies of chess. Once you are experienced enough, you have the option to play against a human or challenge the GoChess board’s AI.

GoChess offers the opportunity to compete with numerous online players through the app, connecting to Lichess.org and Chess.com, and directly manipulating the board to move the pieces as a human would.

GoCube, the creators of the world’s first AI-powered Rubik’s Cube, have designed the GoChess board, which is available in three models. The GoChess Lite is a simple board that can be used for analog gameplay and features only the upper veneer without the self-moving robot-powered technology. The AI-powered robotic boards are available in two versions: the 1X, which has one robot that can move one piece at a time, and the 4X, which has four robot modules capable of moving multiple pieces simultaneously. The board connects to the GoChess app on your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy and has a built-in USB-C rechargeable battery. All GoChess boards offer two style options: a modern black and white board with minimally designed plastic chess pieces or a classic wood-veneer board with traditional wooden pieces. You can purchase your AI-powered GoChess board for as low as $259, a 32% discount from the original price. Additionally, you can purchase a branded Deluxe GoChess Bag for $59 to make carrying your AI-powered game to the park or a friend’s house more convenient.

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