LEGO Icons Retro Radio: A Vintage Music Experience for Adults

Experience the joy of a detailed building project with the LEGO® Icons Retro Radio (10334) set. Construct a decorative replica of a classic 1970s radio, complete with a fold-up handle and antenna, as well as traditional power and tuning dials paired with a sliding frequency switch. Turn the dials to release brief bursts of music and authentic tuning sounds. Place your smartphone in the designated rear compartment to enjoy your favorite playlists while adding a touch of vintage charm to your home or office space.

The LEGO Builder app transforms the traditional building instructions included with this set into an immersive 3D experience. Within the app, users can zoom and rotate to examine models from every angle, enhancing the building process. Additionally, the app supports collaborative building, enabling users to work together seamlessly. It also features progress tracking and provides the opportunity to discover and save other adult-oriented building sets for future projects.

This LEGO set serves as an exceptional birthday present for adult music aficionados, those fond of nostalgia, and enthusiasts of vintage home and office decor. Explore our inspiring collection of LEGO creative building kits specially curated for adult builders.

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