Olympic Medalist Shatters World Record with Mind-Blowing Ski Jump

In a jaw-dropping display of athleticism, Olympic medalist Ryoyu Kobayashi has shattered the world record for the longest ski jump. This incredible feat was achieved on a custom run carved into the side of a massive mountain in Akureyri, Iceland, courtesy of Red Bull. With a flight time of a whopping ten seconds, Kobayashi soared through the air and landed an astounding 291 meters (954.74 feet) away.

Driven by his desire to surpass all others, Kobayashi and his team embarked on a thrilling adventure to northern Iceland. There, they meticulously crafted a special kicker out of snow on the mountainside, with the sole purpose of creating a jump that would obliterate existing world records. The result? A breathtaking display of human capability and boundless determination.

Red Bull, renowned for pushing the limits of extreme sports, documented every step of this remarkable journey in a short documentary. Viewers will witness the meticulous selection of the mountain, the meticulous planning and execution of the custom run, and the intense training regimen Kobayashi underwent to prepare for this monumental leap.

Prepare to be awestruck as you witness the sheer audacity and skill required to achieve the world’s longest ski jump. From the stunning Icelandic landscape to the thrilling moments of flight, this video captures the essence of human ambition and the relentless pursuit of breaking barriers.

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