The 80s: Official Movie

1980s Life Documentary

Explore filmmaker HR Pao's nostalgic documentary on life in the 1980s, now seeking funding on Kickstarter for a full-length version.
1980s Grace Jones Portrait 1

Amazing Portraits of Grace Jones, the Iconic Singer, Actress, and Model of The 1980s

Celebrate the legendary Grace Jones on her 76th birthday! Explore her boundary-pushing artistry and Afrofuturist aesthetic that continues to shape music and fashion. 🎉 #GraceJones #Icon

During the 80s, Andre Agassi Sported One of The Most Impressive Mullets

Explore the fascinating journey of Andre Agassi, a tennis legend and style icon, known for his Grand Slam victories and unique fashion sense.
Superb Bass Skills: Musician Slays 'Take On Me' with Epic Slapping

Superb Bass Skills: Musician Slays ‘Take On Me’ with Epic Slapping

Watch as Charles Berthoud puts his own spin on the 80s classic "Take On Me" by a-ha, playing it on three basses with incredible skill and flair.

Experience the Original Star Tours Film

Relive the nostalgia of the original Star Tours film from 1987 and explore the collaboration between Disney Imagineering and George Lucas.