Freaky Vintage Illustrations Of Japanese Anthropomorphic Frogs and Toads

Explore the fascinating world of "kimo-kawaii" through the lens of Tenjiku Tokubei, Jiraiya, and the intricate frog art by Matsumoto Hoji in Japanese culture.

The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel, Woodcuts by François Desprez from 1565

Discover the fascinating woodcut collection, "The Drolatic Dreams of Pantagruel," by François Desprez. Dive into a world of whimsical characters and surreal imagination.

A Series of Ironic Illustrations of Pepe the Frog

Discover the fascinating rise and fall of Pepe the Frog, from beloved meme to controversial symbol, in this exploration of internet culture.

The Superb Minimalist Illustrations by Noma Bar

Discover the remarkable talent of artist and designer Noma Bar, known for his iconic illustrations and award-winning work in visual communication.

Magical Medieval Needlework by Renowned Artist Tanya Bentham

Delve into the world of renowned medieval needlework artist Tanya Bentham. Explore her stunning designs and discover the magic of her Easter-themed masterpieces.

Funny Dark Twisted Graffiti Artwork Featuring Well-Known Characters

Step into Barcelona's abandoned buildings with artist DavidL as he transforms forgotten walls into mesmerizing works of art. Explore his unique style blending pop culture with a dark…

Remarkable Beer Advertising Posters Designed by Henry Jerome Schile in The 19th Century

Henry Jerome Schile, a German-American artist, made a mark on the American art scene with his bold lithographic prints. Learn more about his unique legacy here.

Impressive Retro Cover Illustrations from The German Satirical Magazine “Kladderadatsch”

Discover the history of Kladderadatsch, a groundbreaking German satirical magazine founded in 1848. Explore its impact on society and culture.

Food Artist Creates Beautiful Pie Artworks

Meet Devoney Scarfe, the talented food artist from Auckland, Australia, known for her delectable masterpieces that showcase famous figures and whimsical scenes, captivating audiences worldwide.
Eric De Coulon 1

Colorful & Impressive Vintage Posters Designed by Eric de Coulon

Explore the life and legacy of Swiss artist Eric de Coulon, known for his innovative "lettre sujet" technique and iconic tourist posters. #art #design

Japanese Food Artist Creates Whimsical Lunchbox Masterpieces

Discover the whimsical world of Tomoko Shibata, the talented food artist behind Instagram's Tomato. Her lunchbox designs are a feast for the eyes and a celebration of creativity.

Capturing the Beauty of Childhood Innocence and Nature in Black-and-White Watercolor Art

Discover the captivating black-and-white watercolor paintings of Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, where children and animals share a magical bond.

Daniel Mróz: The Illustrator Behind The Stanisław Lem’s Sci-Fi Stories

Discover the innovative work of Polish artist Daniel Mróz, known for his surreal science fiction illustrations and collaborations with renowned authors.

Jose Gallego Gallego: Masterful Fallas Artist and His Vibrant Creations

Meet Jose Gallego Gallego, a renowned Fallas artist with a unique style. Learn about the traditional festival of Fallas and his captivating sculptures.

Capturing Nature’s Beauty Through Glass Sculptures

Discover the exquisite glass sculptures of British artist Nina Casson McGarva, inspired by the beauty of nature and the delicate balance of the environment.