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Superb Tulle Sculptures Reflecting Beauty and Depth

Renowned British artist, Benjamin Shine, creates mesmerizing sculptures and installations from tulle, exploring themes of energy and impermanence.

Jose Gallego Gallego: Masterful Fallas Artist and His Vibrant Creations

Meet Jose Gallego Gallego, a renowned Fallas artist with a unique style. Learn about the traditional festival of Fallas and his captivating sculptures.

Amazingly Detailed 3D & VR Paintings and Sculptures by Giant Swan

Discover the innovative virtual reality art of Giant Swan, blending sculpting, painting, and design to create immersive digital landscapes that resonate globally.

The Third Octave: Transforming Pianos into A Captivating Sculpture

Discover the captivating sculpture created by Maskull Lasserre as he transforms two pianos into one elongated instrument, The Third Octave.