AI Makes Simpsons Characters Human

Prepare to be captivated by an artists creative reinvention of The Simpsons in a live-action 1980s adaptation, using AI.
From Screen to Skin: Legendary Grampa Simpson's Story Becomes a Tattoo

From Screen to Skin: Legendary Grampa Simpson’s Story Becomes a Tattoo

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible tattoo artistry of Jon Arton as he brings Grampa Simpson from The Simpsons to life in this captivating video.

Simpsons Characters Portrayed as Holocaust Victims at the Milan Shoah Memorial

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, many individuals and groups take the time to reflect on the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust and to honor those who suffered and…

Artist Uses AI to Bring Simpsons Characters to Life

English student Jack Brook used AI tool Midjourney to create lifelike portraits of characters from The Simpsons. His designs depict characters in full potential.