Tesler Siber Truck

Discover how Ginger Billy built his own DIY Tesla Cybertruck in this entertaining and hilarious video. Get inspired to tackle your own projects!

Back to the Future: Tesla Transformed into Fire-Breathing Time Machine

Get ready to witness the world's first fire-breathing Tesla in action! Watch Supercar Blondie reveal the futuristic TMC-12x inspired by Back to the Future.
72-Hour Living in New CyberTruck Basecamp

Travel Like Never Before: 72-Hour Living in New CyberTruck Basecamp

Join Kara and Nate on an epic 72-hour adventure in the CyberTruck Basecamp, exploring futuristic features and off-grid living in stunning landscapes.

Thrilling Drone Fly-Through of Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory

Embark on an exclusive tour of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin with a thrilling drone's-eye view. Witness the advanced technology and massive machines in action!
Cybertruck Madness: The World's First Track-Modified Beast Is Here

Cybertruck Madness: The World’s First Track-Modified Beast Is Here

Witness the world's first Cybertruck on tracks in this mind-blowing video by HeavyDSparks. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible transformation!
World’s Largest Tesla Light Show

World’s Largest Tesla Light Show

The Tesla Club Finland organized a stunning synchronized light show with 687 electric vehicles, showcasing the power of creativity and unity.

Woodworking Art: Tesla Cybertruck Replica with Mini Cyberquad Bed

Discover a remarkable scaled-down replica of the Tesla Cybertruck, created by ND - Woodworking Art. This unique electric truck features a metal frame, wood covering, and a child's…

The Infinite Machine P1: A Futuristic and Innovative Electric Scooter

Introducing the Infinite Machine P1 electric scooter - a cutting-edge urban commuter vehicle inspired by the Cybertruck. With sleek design, Apple CarPlay integration, and top speeds of 55…