What Would Happen If Everyone Jumped at Once

Prepare to have your curiosity satisfied as Randall Munroe of xkcd and Henry Reich of MinutePhysics tackle the intriguing question: What would happen if everyone in the world jumped at once? In their informative video, they provide a detailed explanation that reveals the surprising truth.

The short answer is that not much would happen. The combined force of everyone jumping is minuscule compared to the Earth’s immense size and weight. Even if the Earth were rigid and responded instantly to our jumps, it would only be pushed down by a fraction of the width of an atom. Our individual jumping abilities and the Earth’s massive scale make any significant impact impossible.

However, when everyone landed after jumping, a bit more would occur, but the effect would still be negligible. The energy released would be spread out over a vast area, resulting in nothing more than footprints in countless gardens. A slight pulse of pressure would travel through the North American continental crust, dissipating without causing any significant consequences. The collective sound of millions of feet hitting the ground would create a loud, prolonged roar, but it would eventually fade away without causing any harm.

So, while the idea of everyone jumping at once may sound exciting, the reality is that it would have no significant impact on the planet. The video by Munroe and Reich provides a fascinating exploration of the physics behind this hypothetical scenario, reminding us of the vastness and resilience of our planet.

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