Why Basketball Players Shoot Free Throws Wrong

Half as Interesting breaks down the mechanics and rationale behind the infamous underhanded free throw, also known as the granny shot. This unconventional shooting technique gained widespread recognition thanks to NBA icon Rick Barry, who demonstrated its effectiveness despite its unconventional appearance. Players who adopt the granny shot often see a significant improvement in their shooting accuracy, a trade-off for the perceived embarrassment of using a less conventional shooting style.

Despite the proven success of the granny shot, many players have been reluctant to fully embrace it due to the stigma attached to its unconventional nature. Even the most skilled and accomplished players have struggled to overcome the social pressure and scrutiny that comes with using the granny shot. This highlights an interesting aspect of human behavior – the tendency to prioritize appearances and conformity over practicality and efficiency.

The granny shot serves as a lighthearted yet thought-provoking reminder of the influence of societal norms and expectations on individual behavior. It challenges players and spectators alike to question the value of tradition and conformity in sports and beyond. By taking a closer look at the psychology behind the granny shot, we can gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of human nature and our willingness to deviate from the norm in pursuit of success.

Here’s a clip on how to do the Granny Shot.

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