Beautiful Pics of A Cool-Looking Model and A 1978 Lancia Sibilo


Photographer Camilo Rios White, known as “RIOCAM,” has captured a visually striking retro series featuring a female model and an extraordinary Lancia Sibilo. The Lancia Sibilo, a concept car from 1978 crafted by Bertone, is a fascinating variation of the production Lancia Stratos, only slightly longer by four inches. Characterized by its sleek, aerodynamic design and polycarbonate windows, the car showcases Bertone’s signature hand-beaten steel bodywork. The side windows feature a unique electrically movable circular section, while a single large windshield wiper elegantly sweeps across the glass. The front end boasts sharply raked lines with retractable headlights and circular lenses, adding to the car’s futuristic appeal.

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[image] 426727
[image] 2130969
[image] 3725372
[image] 7114318
[image] 7490488
[image] 8577672
[image] 9134437
[image] 9271025

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