The Rarest Chess Move Uncovered in Analysis of 5 Billion Games

YouTuber Paralogical conducted a study by analyzing data from more than 5 billion chess games in order to identify the rarest move in the game. Interestingly, the results revealed that there were numerous potential moves that were not executed in any of the games examined. The data and software programs utilized for this analysis can be accessed on Github.

In his own words, Paralogical described the project as a small piece of code designed to evaluate chess .pgn files with the specific aim of pinpointing the least common move in chess. This involved scrutinizing the standard algebraic notation of moves from a vast number of input games, such as all rated games from lichess that were in pgn format. However, due to the existence of many moves that never occur during games, the focus of the study shifted towards tallying and classifying moves of various kinds, rather than identifying a single rare move.

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