Superb Photos of The Wrought-Iron Beetle, aka the Wedding Car


Rafael Esparza-Prieto, known as “Blackie” due to his family background in blacksmithing, created a one-of-a-kind Volkswagen Beetle model with a white wrought iron body and black vinyl upholstery, all original gear from 1969. The idea for this unique creation came about when he crafted a wrought iron Beetle to be used as a store sign at a local auto parts store in Zacatecas, Mexico.

His craftsmanship caught the attention of Volkswagen, who then commissioned him to make promotional Beetles for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. These promotional Beetles, later dubbed “Wedding Beetles,” gained popularity at VW dealerships worldwide.

Upon relocating to California, Esparza-Prieto continued to produce these special Beetles, eventually adding two more to the existing total of around 23 Wedding Beetles. His innovative design has served as inspiration for others looking to create their own unique versions of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle.


Rafael Esparza Prieto
Wrought Iron Beetle 2
Wrought Iron Beetle 3
Wrought Iron Beetle 4
Wrought Iron Beetle 5
Wrought Iron Beetle 6
Wrought Iron Beetle 7
Wrought Iron Beetle 8
Wrought Iron Beetle 9
Wrought Iron Beetle 10
Wrought Iron Beetle 11
Wrought Iron Beetle 12

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