The Magnificent Collection: Over 230 Extraordinary Classic Cars Ready for Restoration


In a spectacular display, this diverse procession of over 230 extraordinary cars belongs to a singular and magnificent collection meticulously curated by Mr. Palmen over a span of more than four decades.

h/t: classicdriver


A slight layer of dirt is their shared clothing, not due to negligence, but rather a fond disregard for appearances. Mr. Palmer would frequently start their engines to prevent their metal hearts from stopping – a testament to his unwavering love for his magnificent collection of cars.


As you observe these dusty treasures today, one cannot help but imagine the hidden beauty beneath the layers of time. These machines, once powerful symbols of human creativity, long for a delicate touch of a cloth, to remove the years and restore their luster.


The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale, Lamborghini Espada, and Lancia Aurelia are all stunning works of art that deserve to be restored to their former glory.


If the notion of revitalizing a classic from scratch excites you, then search no more. Each of these outstanding vehicles could be the ideal foundation for your upcoming restoration project masterpiece.


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