Botticelli’s “Birth Of Venus” Underwater Recreated By Photographer and Her Friends


A team of female entrepreneurs has ingeniously reimagined Sandro Botticelli’s renowned masterpiece, The Birth of Venus, underwater. Inspired by the iconic painting, Haley Smith from Crescent Creepers spearheaded the project with her husband Mike, constructing a large metal frame for the shell. They joined forces with Kimber Greenwood from Water Bear Photography, known for her enchanting underwater portraits, to create a picturesque backdrop.

The talented florist Ashley Rodriguez from Garden and Grace Florals curated stunning floral arrangements using locally sourced stems from Florida. Additionally, Talia from Petunias Floral crafted a unique floral headpiece and wearable floral art. Together, these visionaries have crafted a whimsical underwater homage to Venus, highlighting the beauty of water and the arrival of spring.

More: Kimber Greenwood, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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