Super Cute 3D Characters and Animations by Cosmik Madness


Luis Mario Carlini Ruocco, known professionally as Cosmik Madness, is based in San Luis, Argentina, where he has developed an extensive educational foundation. He studied Music at the Resta Conservatory and pursued Musical Production at the National University of San Luis (UNSL). His quest for knowledge didn’t stop there; he expanded his expertise by studying Multimedia and Videogame Development, as well as 3D Modeling at ULP University.

Since 2011, Luis has carved out a successful career as a freelance 3D graphic designer, illustrator, and modeler. His notable contributions include working as an environment artist, prop modeler, and rigging assistant on the national film ‘Kiribati’. In addition to his film work, Luis has been instrumental in various indie video game projects and has substantial experience in brand design, packaging, and advertising.

Luis is adept in a range of technical skills including 3D modeling, sculpture, digital illustration, rigging, 3D animation, texturing, shading, and lighting. His diverse and adaptable skill set makes him a versatile and valuable asset in the creative industry.

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[image] 1637585
[image] 1659782
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[image] 1965782
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[image] 2330021
[image] 2359886
[image] 2373112
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[image] 2711480
[image] 3064472
[image] 3533233
[image] 3937994
[image] 4109990
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[image] 4375131
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[image] 4434089
[image] 4763118
[image] 5919855
[image] 6168688
[image] 6511451
[image] 6618590
[image] 6831623
[image] 7561117
[image] 7781367
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[image] 9944248Cute

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