Superb Vintage Art Deco Illustrations of Classic Beauties by Henry Clive


Henry Clive (1883–1960) was not only an Australian-born American graphic artist and illustrator but also a versatile talent whose work left a lasting impact in the world of art and entertainment. His career flourished at The American Weekly, where his cover illustrations captivated audiences with their depictions of famous screen celebrities. The artist, originally known as Henry O’Hara, had humble beginnings on a sheep ranch near Melbourne before making his mark in Hollywood. His time in the film industry included acting in silent films and serving as an art director for Charlie Chaplin’s productions, where he even had the opportunity to play a villain in the iconic film “City Lights.”


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One of Clive’s most celebrated works is the stunning Art Deco illustration “Sultana,” created in 1925 for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company. This masterpiece, with its intricate details and captivating imagery, was highly prized and valued, as evidenced by its impressive sale price of $22,705. However, the true testament to Clive’s artistic prowess lies in the enduring appeal of his creations, as demonstrated by the ongoing recognition and admiration for pieces like “Sultana.”

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In a testament to his enduring legacy, “Sultana” was once again auctioned in 2010 by Heritage Auctions as part of the Estate of Charles Martignette, a prominent collector of American illustration art. The artwork’s inclusion in the book “The Great American Pin-Up” by Charles G. Martignette and Louis K. Meisel further solidifies its status as a timeless masterpiece. Henry Clive’s contributions to the world of illustration and graphic art have not only stood the test of time but continue to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts and collectors around the globe with their beauty and ingenuity.

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